1 800 Wood Store
Call 1 800 Wood Store 1 800 966 3786 * 1800woodstore is the Internet Division of All Floors Flooring Outlet located at 601 Rt 72 Manahawkin, NJ


Quality Materials

High quality floors start with high quality materials. Most of our hardwood volume is grown here in the U.S. in the Appalachian Mountain range. The wood harvested from this area is known for its clear grain, consistent color, and excellent stability.

Over 70% of our wood products are made from premium and select grade hardwood to ensure we produce floors with fewer streaks, knots, and flaws.


We focus on maximizing quality, not volume.

  • Our milling processes produce straighter, flatter boards that fit together precisely, with fewer gaps between boards.
  • Our high tech production lines ensure stain colors are consistent through every cycle.
  • Our finishing systems achieve the perfect balance between showing the beauty of the hardwood and protecting it from wear.
  • Our rigorous inspections, featuring up to 75 checkpoints, guarantee that each strip and plank of Bruce hardwood flooring has passed our highest quality standards.